Step 1. Create a Copy of Form xDemoDragandDrop

In this step you will create a copy of the xDemoDragandDrop form and we'll then look at some editor features.

Forms are used to create graphical Windows applications. The editor has a Design tab which shows the user interface design and a Source tab containing all source code. You will use this sample form to learn the basics of controlling the display of LANSA code in the editor. The actual meaning of the code is not important at this stage.

Creating a copy of form xDemoDragandDrop will enable you to edit the form.

1.  On the Repository tab, expand the Forms node.

2.  Expand the X node to see a list of all forms starting with the letter X.

3.  Right-click form xDemoDragandDrop and choose the Copy option from the context menu.

4.  The Create as copy of xDemoDragandDrop dialog will appear.

     Enter a Name of iiiDragandDrop (where iii=your initials).

5.  Press the Create button.

6.  The form is opened for editing. The Design tab is selected by default and the design layout of form is shown.

7.  Display the source by clicking on the Source tab.

     The Source tab shows all the source code of the form.

     Note: Do not compile this form. We will simply use this code's source to demonstrate editor features. Leave the form iiiDragandDrop open in the editor.