Create Desktop Applications

This module is a series of exercises that introduce the fundamental skills required to begin programming Windows Desktop applications. This module uses LANSA's low code programming language, RDML, and the Visual LANSA Editor for graphical form-based development.

If web programming is your main interest, see Web Application Development with Visual LANSA.

The following exercises are included:

FRM015A - Getting Started with Forms Programming – Part A

FRM015B – Getting Started with Forms Programming – Part B

FRM025 - Insert a Database Record

FRM035 - Maintain a Simple Database Table

FRM045 - Using LANSA Debug

FRM055A - List Component Basics – Part A

FRM055B – List Component Basics – Part B (Optional)

FRM065 - Using List ComponentsFRM065 - Using List Components

FRM075 - Using a Working List

FRM085 - Maintain Employee and Notes

FRM090 – Using a Tree View

FRM095 - Tree View which loads on demandFRM100 - Calling a Function

FRM100 - Calling a Function

FRM105 - A Tree that Controls the Detail Shown

FRM110 - Check Out / In to IBM i

Before you begin

If you are familiar with coding LANSA's functions, you need to understand there is a fundamental difference between forms and functions in the programming paradigm.