FRM015A - Getting Started with Forms Programming – Part A


This Hello World exercise is an introduction to using the Visual LANSA editor to develop a simple form-based application. Having completed a very simple initial form, in FRM015B you will add further components and functionality and explore programming using events, properties and methods.


To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Editor Settings

Step 2. Create a Component

Step 3. Move and Redefine Push Buttons

Step 4. Add a Push Button and Set its Properties

Step 5. Add a Field to the Form and Set its Properties

Step 6. Create Event Routines for the Push Buttons

Step 7. Add Logic to the Hello Button Click Event

Step 8. Add Logic to the Other Click Events

Step 9. Compile the Form

Step 10. Execute the Form


For more information on the topics in this exercise, go to: