FRM100 - Calling a Function

Slave Workstation

To complete this exercise you must be using Visual LANSA as a Slave Workstation. This means it can be connected to a Master LANSA system on an IBM i server, so that you can check in and check out Repository objects and execute a form in client/server mode against the IBM i server.

If you are using a free trial copy of Visual LANSA or Visual LANSA as a Standalone installation, you can complete the exercise but will only call the function as a Windows Application running on the desktop, with a local database.


In order to achieve these objectives, you must complete the following:

Step 1. Create the Called Function

Step 2. Create Salary Review Form

Step 3. Add Form Logic

Step 4. Test Salary Review Application


Before You Begin

Complete all earlier FRM exercises.

This exercise requires access to an IBM i server.