Step 4. Add Tab Folder and Tab Sheets to the Form

In this step, you will extend the form's functionality by adding a Tab Folder, with Tab Sheets containing employee Details and a list of Notes.

1.  Extend the length of the form. Drop a Tab Folder onto the form in row 3.

     Hint: The Tab Folder automatically contains two Tab Sheets. To select the Tab Folder on the Design tab you must select the folder component itself, not a Tab Sheet. In the Design view do this by clicking on the background next to the tabs:

     The Design view will then look like this. Note the handles are now on the background area.

     Remember, you can also select a component on the Outline tab or from the components dropdown on the Details tab.

2.  Using the Layout ribbon give the Tab Folder a Size of Fit Both. The tab folder will expand to fill row 3.

3.  Using the Details tab, change tab Sheet1's Caption to Details and Sheet2's Caption to Notes. Once again ensure you have selected the correct component. Select a Tab Sheet by clicking on its tab and then click in the middle of the tab sheet area.

4.  Select the application Details tab sheet (Sheet1).

5.  On the Repository tab, expand the table xEmployee. Holding down the Control key select fields xEmployeeIdentification, xEmployeeTitle, xEmployeeSurname, xEmployeeGivenNames, xEmployeeStreet, xEmployeeCity, xEmployeeState and xEmployeePostalCode. Drag these fields onto the top end of the application Details tab sheet.

6.  With all the fields selected, using the Layout ribbon and change Alignment to Top Left and Flow to Down. Change margin Left to 10 and margin Top to 5.

     Your form should look like the following:

     Field lengths have been adjusted on this image.

7.  Select the Notes tab sheet (Sheet2).

8.  Drop a List View component onto the Notes tab sheet.

a.  Select the Layout ribbon and give the list view a Size of Fit Both. It will expand to occupy all of the Notes tab sheet.

b.  Change the List View's Name to EmployNotes.

9.  On the Repository tab, locate the table xEmployeeNotes and drag field xEmployeeNote into the EmployNotes list view. Change WidthType to Remainder. The column will expand to the width of the List View.

10.   Save your form