Step 4. Test Salary Review Application

1.  Select form iiiSalaryReview on the Last Opened tab. Use the context menu to Execute it. Run it as a Form as a Windows Application. You are running the form locally on the desktop, with no connection to the IBM i server.

2.  Enter a department code such as 100. Enter a percentage figure, such as 5.50 and click the Submit button.

3.  After a slight delay, the List View should be filled and the Salary Increase field should contain a value. Your form has called function iiiFN21 locally.

4.  Close the form.

5.  Execute the form again from the Last Opened tab. Execute as a Form as a Client to a RDMLX System i Server.

     Your form attaches to a job on the server, via the LANSA Listener which must be running on the server.

     Note: The connection is made using the IBM i details stored during Visual LANSA installation and your LANSA developer user profile and password.

6.  Enter a department and percentage value and click the Submit button.

     After a short delay the list view and Cost of Increase field should be populated.

     Your form has called function iiiFN21on the server, using the CALL_SERVER_FUNCTION BIF. Function iiiFN21 has returned a working list of employees to the calling form.

7.  Close your form.