Step 1. Create a LANSA for i Object

In this step, you will logon to LANSA for i using any partition, where you will create a new system variable that you will amend using Visual LANSA. A System Variable may be created using LANSA for i, in either an RDML or RDMLX enabled partition

1.  Logon to LANSA for i using your LANSA developer profile and the Partition and Task ID you will use in Visual LANSA.

2.  From the LANSA Main System Menu, select the option to Work with System Variables. The list displayed is NOT partition dependent. It is a system-level list; that is, it will be the same in each partition.

3.  Press F6 to create a new system variable as follows:

System Variable Name:

*AUTOALP09iiiNUM where iii=your initials


Next Available Number

Method of Derivation:


Data Type:




Program Name:

[email protected]

Program Type:



     Press F1 to use the LANSA for i help. Then press F2 Extended Help and search for System Variables. Scroll to the end of the help to review the information on the *AUTOALPnnxxxxxxxxx system variable. This is a special 'data area' system variable layout which is used in conjunction with a LANSA shipped evaluation program [email protected]. The system variable retrieves a number nn long from data area xxxxxxxxxx, increments it, updates the data area and returns it as an alphanumeric value. In this example the variable should be 9 long but you have entered 7. We will check out the system variable and change its length to 9 using Visual LANSA.

4.  Press Enter to save the system variable definition.

5.  Press F12 to exit the Add System Variable Definition panel.

     Note: The data area and the value of the system variable will automatically be defined when the system variable is first accessed.

6.  Exit the LANSA for i System.