Step 2. Refresh Objects in Visual LANSA

In this step, you will use Refresh repository objects from the master system. In Step 1. Create a LANSA for i Object, you created a new System Variable that now exists on the IBM I, but is not yet known in Visual LANSA.

Note: If you are using the Propagation feature, then your changes will be automatically synchronized in your Visual LANSA System.

1. Start Visual LANSA and logon.

     You must logon using the same developer profile and Task ID as used on LANSA for i in order to ensure that you have authority to access the system variable created on the IBM i.

2.  On the Repository tab, display a list of the current system variables. Your list will depend on how you have arranged the items on your Repository tab and may appear something like the following (shown with Alphabetic listing off):

     Your *AUTOALP09iiiNUM system variable will not be shown in this list.

3.  Select the Master Objects command in the ribbon.

     The Refresh Master Object List dialog is displayed:

4.  Select System Variables as the type of object to be refreshed.

5.  Press the Refresh button.

6.  The Check Out tab at the bottom of the editor will be displayed. Notice the status messages.

     Wait for the refresh to be completed. The time required to complete the refresh will depend upon the number of system variables that are defined in the LANSA for i Master System. You can speed up the Visual LANSA repository refresh function by pressing F5. By default, the repository refresh process runs as a background task, so you can continue development.

7.  Display the list of system variables. The *AUTOALP09iiiNUM should now appear.


     Note that the *AUTOALP09iiiNUM system variable has an icon in its Master Repository Status column. Its Local Repository Status column is blank. This tells you that the definition of this system variable is currently not held in your Visual LANSA local repository. Objects which are not checked out to Visual LANSA are also shown in a grey font.

     Note: If you are using Repository Synchronization, then changes made in the Repository on the IBM i or by any Visual LANSA developer in your PC Group will be automatically synchronized by checking out a read-only copy of new and changed objects. Such changes will be reported in your Propagation tab. Refer to the Visual LANSA Administrator's Guide for further details of this feature.