Step 5. Delete from Repository

In this step, you will delete the *AUTOALP09iiiNUM system variable from the repository and specify that the system variable should also be deleted from the host.

1.  Locate the *AUTOALP09iiiNUM system variable in the Repository tab and display the context menu. Select the Cross References option to check if there are any dependencies before you delete the object.

2.  As there are no dependencies in this case, close the dialog and select the *AUTOALP09iiiNUM system variable on the Repository tab and press the WorD48 Delete icon in the Repository tab's toolbar.

3.  The Confirm delete component dialog will be displayed. Select the Delete from host option so that the system variable is also deleted from the LANSA for i Master Repository.

4.  Click the Delete button.

5.  Display the Propagation tab at the bottom of the editor.

     Notice the status messages that are displayed.

Things to Note

Refer to Change Management in the Visual LANSA Administration Guide for more information on these topics: