Step 7. Add Update Employee Logic

1.  Complete the SaveEmployeeButton.Click event routine to perform the following:

Update employee using the Group_By EmployeeDetails with key xEmployeeIdentification

If status is *Okay

Clear the list NotesList and list EmployeeNotes

Reset employee fields to their default values.


     Your code should look like the following:

Evtroutine Handling(#SaveEmployeeButton.Click)

Update Fields(#EmployeeDetails) In_File(xEmployee) With_Key(#xEmployeeIdentification) Val_Error(*NEXT)

If_Status Is(*OKAY)

Clr_List Named(#NotesList)

Clr_List Named(#EmployeeNotes)

#EmployeeDetails := *default



2.  Compile and test the form. Search for employees and select an employee. Select an employee note to populate the multiline edit box. Click the SaveEmployeeButton, which should clear the employee fields, the NotesList and EmployeeNote multiline edit box. Change an employee field and check that the employee was updated correctly.