What Partition should I use?

The partition you use must be enabled for RDMLX with the LANSA Demonstration Material installed. The LANSA Demonstration System contains all the objects used by these exercises.

To verify that the partition has been set up for the exercises go to the partition definition.
That is:

1.  In the Visual LANSA editor, select File then the Repository and choose the partition you will be using for the exercises. Open the partition definition and display the RDMLX settings.

a.  Ensure the option Enable Partition for RDMLX has been selected.

To verify that the Demonstration Material has been included:

1.  Expand the Files node in the Repository tab, locate files starting with letter X.

2.  Make sure that the files xEmployee, xDepartments, xEmployeeImages and xEmployeeNotes are present.

If these files are not present, and you are working with an independent LANSA System:

1.  Close down LANSA Development Environment.

2.  Restart LANSA Development Environment.

3.  On the Visual LANSA Logon dialog, select the partition you will be using.

4.  Press the Partition Init… button BEFORE you press any other button.

5.  In the Partition Initialization dialog select the Demonstration material option.

6.  Press OK and wait for the import to finish.

For details, refer to the Partition Initialization options in the Visual LANSA Administration Guide.

If you are working with a slave LANSA system and the partition is not set up as required, contact your LANSA server administrator.