LANSA Object Names

LANSA objects have both a long name and a short name, called an identifier. These exercises use long Names.

Name is up to 256 characters and may be letters and numbers with no embedded blanks. Names are not case sensitive, so EMPNO, EMpno and empno are all the same. Your code can refer to objects this Name.

An Identifier will be automatically generated as each object is created. You don't have to accept the default Identifier. If you want to use your own naming convention for Identifiers, simply specify your own identifier as you create the object. Identifiers may be up to 10 characters and contain letters and numbers and a limited set of special characters (although these are best avoided). A field identifier is limited to 9 characters.

Both Name and Identifier must be unique within a partition. Compiled object names (forms, web page, reusable part and so on) use the object Identifier.