REP009 - Access Routes and Predetermined Join Columns

LANSA uses access routes to describe relationships between tables in a database. Access routes are simply descriptions which answer questions such as "How do I access the associated records in table B, given that I have a record from table A?" They have no physical impact on the database.

A predetermined join column (PJC) [previously a predetermined join field (PJF)] is a special kind of virtual field based on access routes whose value is determined by a field in another table. (Ordinary virtual fields are always based on fields within its own table definition.)


To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Understand the Database Relationship

Step 2. Create Access Route from Department Table

Step 3. Create Access Route from Employee Table

Step 4. Create Fields in the LANSA Repository

Step 5. Add Table Lookup PJC to Employee Table

Step 6. Test New PJC in Employee Table

Step 7. Add PJCs to Department Table

Step 8. Modify Test Form


Before you Begin

In order to complete this exercise, you must have completed the previous exercises.