Step 2. Recompile the Table and Test Department Rules

Because you have changed a rule (defined at field or table level) in the repository, the OAM for the table must be recompiled.

1.  Before submitting the compile, check that you do not have any forms active which are accessing the Department table, otherwise you may encounter locking problems.

2.  Compile the table iiiDepartments. Select Compile options from the Compile button. Check that your compile options are set as follows:

     Note that you have data in the table and you have not changed the table definition (that is, added or removed fields). Also, you have not added or removed any indexes/views. This means that you only need to rebuild the OAM.

3.  Check that the table compile completed successfully.

4.  Execute your Department Maintenance form iiiMaintDepartment

a.  Try to add a blank department code. Notice the validation messages which appear and their order. Use the up and down buttons in the status bar to see all messages. You will see both field and table level messages.

b.  Try to add a department code of 111. Notice this also causes a validation error and the fields are highlighted in red.

c.  Exit the application.

5.  Execute your Employee Maintenance form iiiMaintEmployee.

a.  Try to add a new employee with a department code of 111. Notice there is no error because the range check rule was only added to the iiiDeptCode field in table iiiDepartments.

     The rule does not apply to the table iiiEmployees.

b.  Close the form.

6.  Close the table definition.