Step 4. Add Rules to iiiSalary Field

In this step, you will create a validation check on the iiiSalary field to ensure that its value is less than 10000. (The field already has a rule stating that it cannot be 0). The rule will be a range check.

1.  The iiiEmployees table should be open in the Editor.  The Rules and trigger tab and Details tab should be visible.

2.  Select the iiiSalary field in the list of rules.

3.  In the Rules and Triggers group on the Home ribbon, expand the Add menu to select Add Range Check.

4.  In the Details tab, create the rule as follows:


Amount must be less than 10000



When Inserting

Always apply rule (ADD)

When Updating

Apply when field is used (CHGUSE)

When Feleting

Never apply rule

From Value


To Value



5.  Complete the Actions section, to define the list check rule as follows:

If field is in the range of values

Evaluate next rule (NEXT)

If field is NOT in range of values

Set field in error (ERROR)

Message File

(delete the entry in this field)

Message Number

(delete the entry in this field)

Message Text

Amount must be less than 10,000


6.  Save your table definition.