Step 4. Virtual Column for Note Length

1.  Select the iiiNoteLength field in the list of Undefined virtuals.

2.  In the Details tab, enter the following:

Virtual field type

Code Fragment

Derive value when record is read

Select for Yes


3.  Add the following code to Virtual Field Derivation:
#iiiNoteLength := #iiiEmployNotes.CurChars

     Change the code to use your initials.

     Your Details tab should now look like this:


     The code fragment uses an RDMLX intrinsic method CurChars to determine the number of characters in the iiiEmployNotes field and assigns the result to the iiiNoteLength field.

     Select #iiiEmployNotes and press F2 to see Features help, showing it Properties, Events and Methods.

4.  The iiiNoteLength column will now be listed under the Read virtuals.