LANSA's Repository

You simply must not bypass learning about LANSA's Repository. The Repository provides real benefits to you and your organization as a great amount of information can be stored in and shared between applications. Application maintenance is reduced, your productivity is increased and, should you distribute applications for others to use, the objects to be included are more easily tracked.

By storing objects, validation rules, error messages and visualizations in the repository, they all become reusable.

Before you start, read REP000 - What is the LANSA Repository?

By this time, you should be familiar with LANSA's LANSA's Editor and how best to organize your desktop to suit yourself.

The exercises in this module have been written for new LANSA developers, so no experience with the LANSA Repository or the RDML programming language is required.

It has been assumed that there may be more than one student using this test system. To avoid confusion, it has been assumed that each student will use their initials for each object created. This is shown as iii at the beginning of the name, which you should replace with your initials.
You can ignore the iii if you are using an independent workstation or free version of Visual LANSA.

The following exercises are included:

REP001 - Create Fields

REP002 - Field Visualizations

REP003 - Validation Rules

REP004 - System and Multilingual Variables

REP005 - Create Tables

REP006 - Indexes

REP007 - Table Validation Rules/Triggers

REP008 - Virtual Columns

REP009 - Access Routes and Predetermined Join Columns

REP010 - Repository Summary

REP011 - Check In Objects (Optional)

Before you Begin

Sample Applications should be in the partition that you will use. Refer to Before you Begin to check if you have the necessary files.