Step 2. Repository, Favorite, Outline, Details Tabs

In this step, you will learn how to reposition the four basic editor tabs used with LANSA objects: Outline, Details, Repository and Favorites.

1.  On the Home ribbon expand the Tabs menu to display all possible tabs. Note that a number of these tabs can also be opened using a function key.

2.  Click on the Repository tab, to display it.


Assistant, Compile, Import Tabs

These tabs appear at the bottom of the editor and you can maneuver them in the same way as the Repository tab, except that you cannot dock them into another location.

Host Monitor Tabs

If you are using Slave Workstation Visual LANSA with a Master LANSA for i System, the editor will include Check in, Check Out and Propagation tabs. You can undock them, adjust their size and hide them, as described for the Repository tab.