Step 1. Repository Tab Contents

The Repository tab is the focal point for all development. It lists all objects in the active partition and provides access to objects in the LANSA system. You use the Repository Tab to open and work with objects, such as your application's fields, files, forms and reusable parts. 

1.  Use the vertical divider to expand the Repository tab to see more of the columns of information available.
Reminder: The columns that appear in the Repository tab will depend upon the type of Visual LANSA System that you have installed. The sample screens in this exercise are from an Independent Workstation LANSA installation.
The Repository tab might appear something like the following:

     In this exercise, when you are asked to open an object, you will use the Repository tab to locate them.

2.  Notice, that on the Repository tab there are three main groups of objects listed:

Active Partition

The Active Partition stores all objects that a developer creates when building applications with LANSA.


Organizers are objects that are used to group objects in the LANSA Repository.

System Information

System Information stores details about the Visual LANSA installation.


3.  Expand the Organizers. You will see a list of objects that you can use to group objects in the repository. For example, user defined Database Diagrams and Lists and are stored in Organizers along with Frameworks and Groups.

     The contents shown under Organizers will vary depending on your type of LANSA installation.

4.  Expand System Information. LANSA Administrators will use this information to configure the development environment. Many of the settings here (for example Partitions) reflect settings established on the LANSA for i system.

     Again, the contents shown under System Information will depend on the type of LANSA installation.

5.  Expand the Active Partition(DEM). You will see a list of object type groups that you will use to create and build LANSA applications. A set of object definitions were imported into the repository when the partition was initialized.