WBF015A – Getting Started with Web Programming-A


The Getting Started exercise creates a Hello World web page. This is a single web page which demonstrates how to program simple functionality and explore programming using events, properties and methods.


To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Editor Settings

Step 2. Create a Web Page Component

Step 3. Add a Table Layout to the Web Page

Step 4. Add Components to the Web Page

Step 5. Change the Push Button Properties

Step 6. Add a Field to the Web Page and Set its Properties

Step 7. Add Logic to the Hello Button Click Event

Step 8. Add Logic to the other Click events

Step 9. Compile the Web Page

Step 10. Execute the Web Page


Before You Begin

It is recommended that, before you start these exercises, that you complete the preceding modules: Explore LANSA's Editor, LANSA's Repository and LANSA's editing tools.

For more information on the topics in this exercise, go to Components in the Technical Reference Guide.