Step 5. Set Breakpoint Properties

A breakpoint Pass Count property can be set, meaning only break every n executions of the command. In this step you will add a loop within the Save method and set a Pass Count on a command within this loop.

1.  Ensure that you have ended the last debug session.

2.  Add the highlighted code to the Save method routine as shown:

Mthroutine Name(Save)

Define_Com Class(#iiixDepartmentsDataServer.Save) Name(#SaveDepartment)


#SaveDepartment.executeasync( #xDepartments #io£sts )

Begin_Loop To(10)

#std_count += 1


. . . .

3.  Compile your web page.

4.  Set a Breakpoint on the assign command (#std_count += 1).

     Right click and select Breakpoint Properties from the context menu.

     Set the Pass Count to 3 and click OK.

5.  Execute the web page in debug. As before enter 100 to fetch a department record and then click Save. The program will not stop until the third execution.

     Since the break is on the assign statement (#std_count += 1) , which has not yet executed when it breaks, you will find that the value of STD_COUNT is 2.

     Press F5 to continue running. Debug will again stop when STD_COUNT = 3. Repeat and debug stops when STD_COUNT = 8.