Step 1. Create Tree using the List Component

1.  Create a New / Web Page

     Name: iiiListTree

     Description : Employee Tree using List Component

2.  Drag a List component onto the web page. On the Layout ribbon give it a Size of Fit Both, so that it occupies the whole page. A 1 x 1 table layout has been added to the web page.

3.  On the Details tab, with List1 selected.

a.  Change the list's CheckBoxes property to true (the CheckBoxes property is set for demonstration only, it is not used in this application).

b.  Change ColumnLines to False.

c.  Change RowLines to False.

d.  Change Name to List

4.  Add three columns to the list, using fields STD_OBJ, STD_DESC and STD_DESCL.

     Change their ColumnCaptionType to Caption. This will give them a blank column heading.

     Adjust the column widths to use most of the space.