Step 8. Test the Add Employee Web Page

1.  Execute your Add Employee web page which will run in your default browser.

2.  Enter an employee number and click the Fetch button to retrieve the employee details. The Employee table (xEmployee) is shipped with around 100 records. Existing employees have an Employee Identification between 100066 and 158536. Numbers such as 100066, 100554 or 101375 should find an existing employee.

3.  Your web page should display employee data in most of the fields.

4.  Clear the fields by clicking the Clear button.

5.  Enter a number to create a new employee record:

6.  If your new employee was added successfully, your web page's fields will be cleared after you have clicked the Save button.

7.  Fetch the record just saved, to check the data was saved correctly.

8.  Enter a new Identification number and leaving a number of fields blank, click Save. The MessageBox component will be shown, listing errors.