2.2 Independent System Administration with a VCS Master

A Visual LANSA Independent System maintains its own System Definition data. It does not require other systems to maintain any part of it and it has no other systems that strictly depend on it.

However, a Visual LANSA Independent System may be connected to other Visual LANSA Independent Systems in a peer arrangement using a VCS Master. In this arrangement each Visual LANSA Independent System must maintain its own System Definitions or import them from one of its peers. For consistency, it is recommended that you nominate one Visual LANSA Independent System as the Administration system and to export the System Definitions from there to its peers.

On the other hand, Partition Definitions are controlled by the VCS Master. Any developer may modify them, provided they have authority from the VCS. Other developers may then get the latest version from the VCS to update their Partition Definition.

The Visual LANSA Independent System to a VCS Master does not have an IBM i Master so Host Monitor and Repository Synchronization are not required.

The typical Administration tasks that are performed as part of an Independent installation include:

If you have installed a Slave Visual LANSA System, refer to 2.4 Slave System Administration.

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